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«Al Fanar Entertainment» invites to work on a contract basis:

musicians, dancers, singers, bands of different compositions, waiters, hostes, cooks. Contracts from 3 to 11 months for artists and 2 year contracts for staff.


You will be required to:

1 - work (graph corresponds to the position and specified in the contract)

2 - update repertoire,

3 - decent appearance,

4 - stage costumes,

5 - compliance with the laws of the country.


The employer shall:

1 - the necessary documents (visa, work permit),

2 - two ways tickets from home country,

3 - monthly salary during the first week of next month,

4 - place of residence (apartment or a hotel room) and meals for staff,

5 - equipment for work on stage (amplifier, microphones, mixers, light).


Need to get started:


- For singers, dancers Go-Go and Belly Dansers(4 professional individual photos (2 to the waist, 2 full-length)


for instrumentalists compulsory photo with the tool,


for trios, quartets, dance groups, vocal and live bands (group photo)


- scanned (e) passport (s) in color and a picture format "passport"


- the list of foreign songs (for vocalists) or products (for instrumentalists)


- demo material (link to video)


For staff: a summary in English, a full-length photo and the photo on the visa format passport on a white background.

01.05.202002.01.2015 Information for the Visitors:

Agency «Al Fanar Entertainment» provides an opportunity for young artists and creative teams for free add your site to catalog a professional portfolio for its further demonstrate competent audience.
The agency creates catalog artists, provides direct contact customers and artists.
Legal support at the conclusion of the contract, assistance in obtaining employment visa and work permit, security guarantee and the exclusion of the slightest possibility of the involvement of the artist in the illegal activity.

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